National Home Health Care

Services Provided by National Home Health Care

  • -         Nationally accredited through CHAP (Community Health Accreditation Program)
    CHAP Accreditation

    -         Employees required to take continuing education courses to further their knowledge

    -         Certified staff, including Respiratory Therapist, Mastectomy Fitter, Jobst & Elvarex Fitters, Assistive Technology Professional, and Gold Certified Repair Technicians

    -         Evaluate clients for specialized products

    -         Pick up and delivery of products within 150 mile radius of Amarillo & Pampa location

    -         24 Hour Emergency Service

    -         Loan equipment while client’s equipment is being repaired or serviced

    -         Repair equipment no matter where it was purchased

    -         Adult & Pediatric Rehab Services

    o       Certified Assistive Technology Professional on staff

    o       Custom adult power wheelchairs

    o       Custom pediatric power wheelchairs

    o       Specialty cushions & seating systems

    o       Easy standers & other specialty rehab equipment

    -         Adult & Pediatric Respiratory Services

    o       CPAP, BiPAP, Nebulizer machines

    o       Large variety of CPAP masks & other supplies

    o       Provide oxygen conserving devices

    o       Rent portable oxygen concentrators acceptable for airplane travel

    -         Custom-fitted Jobst compression garments

    -         Post-mastectomy products

    -         Full range of ready to wear orthopedic braces

    -         Van lifts & conversions

    -         Portable ramps

    -         Barrier free ceiling lifts

    -         Patient training & education on equipment, such as CPAP, BiPAP, & Nebulizers

    -         Follow up with our patients is very important to us – we want to make certain the equipment is being used properly & that our patients are compliant

    -         Insurance Billing Services

    o       Verify insurance coverage

    o       Bill Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance companies

    o       Accept assignment of benefits for most insurance claims

    o       Strive to secure proper documentation needed for patient and equipment

    o      CLICK HERE TO SEE IF YOUR INSURANCE IS ACCCEPTED AT NHHC – Please call if your insurance company is not listed